Saturday, July 26, 2008

ShaBo Cosmetics - Tips, Tricks, Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ShaBo Cosmetics blog!

I have had many, many customers request a public place where they can post a question directly to me. Please feel free to use this space as another avenue to find out more about ShaBo Cosmetics - Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair. The questions that I get asked via email are questions that many of the rest of you are also probably wondering about. When I answer a question that is posted here, I will be able to address a full audience so that many can benefit from the answer instead of just one.

This blog will be a place where our customers can come to share tips, tricks, ideas and photos. It's a place where our current clients can give helpful advice to new and potential clients, and I will be able to answer questions in a public forum.

Many of our clients have sent me email with their success stories, before and after pictures and other wonderful compliments about ShaBo. This will be another place, besides email, where these things can be published and shared with others. One success story might inspire someone else to try ShaBo and hopefully have a success story of their own. As the saying goes: "Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words." For those who would like to share their before and after pictures with everyone else, simply give me written permission in an email and send them to me. I will post them here for you.

As always, I am still available for questions and conversations at my email addresses which are: or
calls are always welcome anytime on my toll free number 1-877-734-9925. If your call is not answered on the first try, please leave a voicemail message. I always return phone calls as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

At ShaBo Cosmetics, we are proud of our quality customer service. I want it known that at this company we give our customers the time and the respect that you, as a customer, deserve.

We fully understand that it's because of our satisfied customers that we are in business.

I hope this blog becomes a popular place for those of us who are dealing with some kind of hair loss problem and are looking for, or have found, a product that can help ease that heavy burden.

Bonnie Germer - Owner
ShaBo Cosmetics
Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair