Saturday, July 26, 2008

ShaBo Cosmetics - Tips, Tricks, Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ShaBo Cosmetics blog!

I have had many, many customers request a public place where they can post a question directly to me. Please feel free to use this space as another avenue to find out more about ShaBo Cosmetics - Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair. The questions that I get asked via email are questions that many of the rest of you are also probably wondering about. When I answer a question that is posted here, I will be able to address a full audience so that many can benefit from the answer instead of just one.

This blog will be a place where our customers can come to share tips, tricks, ideas and photos. It's a place where our current clients can give helpful advice to new and potential clients, and I will be able to answer questions in a public forum.

Many of our clients have sent me email with their success stories, before and after pictures and other wonderful compliments about ShaBo. This will be another place, besides email, where these things can be published and shared with others. One success story might inspire someone else to try ShaBo and hopefully have a success story of their own. As the saying goes: "Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words." For those who would like to share their before and after pictures with everyone else, simply give me written permission in an email and send them to me. I will post them here for you.

As always, I am still available for questions and conversations at my email addresses which are: or
calls are always welcome anytime on my toll free number 1-877-734-9925. If your call is not answered on the first try, please leave a voicemail message. I always return phone calls as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

At ShaBo Cosmetics, we are proud of our quality customer service. I want it known that at this company we give our customers the time and the respect that you, as a customer, deserve.

We fully understand that it's because of our satisfied customers that we are in business.

I hope this blog becomes a popular place for those of us who are dealing with some kind of hair loss problem and are looking for, or have found, a product that can help ease that heavy burden.

Bonnie Germer - Owner
ShaBo Cosmetics
Scalp Makeup for Thin Hair


Anonymous said...

I am would like to try ShaBo scalp makeup please. I understand you will send me a free sample. I have silver and dark gray hair. I am thin from my hairline back to the crown of my head. I'm not bald but I am very thin on top. Do you have any advice for me?

Anonymous said...

I am stopping by to say that I have tried Shabo and I really love it! I had questions about Shabo before, but Bonnie already answered them by email several weeks ago. This blog is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This product is the best concealer out there and I have tried them all. Really makes the hair look thicker. Anyone with thinning hair should try it. Bonnie is so nice and sends out free samples with a few colors so you can see what you like. Other companies do not do this. And she will do a special mix too. So cool! Don't stop making this miracle in a jar! : ))

Anonymous said...

Got my free sample and all I can say is WOW! I used to use Dermmatch and I can tell you that the ShaBo is so much better. ShaBo has more colours and goes on easier. Matches my own hair colour and even feels better on my scalp!

Anonymous said...

G'day, no offence but this looks a little like a two bit operation, not exactly such a bad thing. But it seems in your before and after pictures the before pictures are wet and afters are dry as well as being taken in reduced sunlight. Again my apologies if your product genuinely works.
Cheers Trev

Anonymous said...

You know Trevor,

I think you're right. I agree with you. I need to change my pictures. I will tell you that these pictures were taken in bright light in front of a bright picture window. The before pictures were not styled, just dried. The after pictures are styled and ShaBo'd. I will also tell you that these pictures are really, just me and ShaBo's scalp makeup for thin hair.

I would like to thank you for being so honest with me to give me your opinion. You are very kind to word it so nicely and I thank you for that also.

Because you were looking at my website I take it that you would like a free sample of ShaBo's scalp makeup. I would be very happy to send you a few colors to try. Just call me on my toll free number or e-mail me (on either Bonnie address or ShaBo address) with the color of your hair and mailing info and they will be on their way to you. This way you can try it and make a real hands on opinion. Remember, I pay for you to check it out.

Thanks again Trevor for your post.

Bonnie Germer - Owner
ShaBo Cosmetics
Scalp Makeup For Thin Hair
Toll Free: 877-734-9925

Anonymous said...

Good evening from Saskatchewan, Canada ...

Unlike many free offers where you fill in a form and send it off into cyberspace - Bonnie personally answered the phone . Goodness, a live person! The OWNER! How delightful. (Then I silently gasped when I realized it's 11:30 pm here)

A special thanks for such a warm touch Bonnie, and best wishes for continued success. I can't wait to try it.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Liz said...

Would you believe I am also from Saskatchewan?? Yes and I am going to order a sample right now. This product seems like it might do the trick for my hair!

Moni said...

Hi I have read a lot of fantastic reviews on your product and would very much like to buy some of the it, do you ship to the UK by any chance? I gather from your website that a lot of your customers are in the US, do you have any participating salons that could send me some of the scalp make up?

no worries if you dont ship abroad, I just thought id ask..


Tealrose said...

Hi Bonnie,

I am so excited about receiving samples of the blonde Shabo. I got your e-mail explaining how it works and why you invented it I feel hope that I can finally not have "see-through" hair anymore. After I try it, I may order the dark brown so I can go back to my original hair color. I stopped doing the dark color because of the thin hair! When I was younger I had brown/black hair (thick)and was started graying in my late teens. I have been white haired since I was in 30's and recently went blonde. The scalp is pink when I am white haired and the blonde seems to hide the scalp a little more. But, if it works that well I can go back to the dark hair that I look so much more like myself with!!! Thank you so Much for inventing this Bonnie!!

Anonymous said...

At 28 years old I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Much to my surprise taking care of myself with the proper medication, has caused my hair to fall out! Day after day it's a struggle to look in the mirror and notice my once thick curly hair, turn in to a thin disaster. All I see is bright shinny scalp! I too asked for a sample, and believe me I will be the first to let everone know how it works. Thanks for listening.

Sheila Jaworski said...

how come i have to give my phone number to you just for a free sample? no one wants to give out there number specially if it's unlisted like mine because it seems companies dont understand what the words time of day, sleep or i will contact you when i am ready to order and just force people by calling them all hours of the day. it's not fair to ask someones phone number

Sheila Jaworski known as Ladydarksky on facebook said...

I would however like to try your product and be able to take some time when it is both a normal time for yourself and myself to be able to talk on the phone with the sample before me about how it works perhaps an interview from bonnie herself and be able to post it on my blog as a new product on the market and exactly how it works first hand from a normal person such as me. If you'd like the chance to be heard dont hesitate to email me i did provide that when i asked for the samplei

nomorehate said...

To Trevor and Shelia Jaworski: Bonnie is a wonderful person who is genuine in her desire to help others. Don't rain on her parade by posting negative hurtful comments.

Sheila Jaworski known as Ladydarksky on facebook said...

it's not ment to be hurtful it is ment to be truthful, i'd thought you would know the differance between the two and it was an honest question as to why i had to however none the less she was kind enough to send me a sample which i have indeed tried on a few people as well as myself including the black i was sent and my review is in which i will gladly post to my blogs as it truly being a very interesting product that in time will hold it's own in the cosmetic world for those who don't wish to not only use evasive surgery but those who just need that added extra to make there hair look fuller without nasty chemical dyes or replacement hair.

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed by this product! I wish I would have found it sooner. As the other posts have attested, Bonnie is the REAL DEAL -- kind and compassionate with a desire to help others from a situation she found herself in and rose above it. I received my samples - 7 colors - after having a conversation with Bonnie and discussing my hair color and the fact that I color and highlight it! I'll be ordering the perfect match TODAY.

Dee said...

I have been a happy Shabo user for several years now. I could not go a day without this product. I have colored/highlighted hair that is very thin on top. After styling my hair, I put my Shabo in and off I go.
It really does a great job of filling in the thin areas where scalp shows.
It took a little experimentation to come up with the correct color, but Bonnie went out of her way to create a custom blend that works great for me. I know it is hard to believe anything you read on the web, but I can personally attest that Bonnie is a wonderful human being who is making a really needed product. I am so grateful to her for making this available to me. Without it, I would definitely have to have some kind of hair piece by now....

Anonymous said...

Tried this on my teenage daughter who has alopecia areata. She is thrilled with the results. Bonnie was very kind in her e-mails and we have been able to make the perfect blend for my daughter with the numerous samples sent to us. Would surely recommend this to anyone dealing with hair thinning or alopecia areata.

Diane - UK said...

I am from the UK and Bonnie very kindly sent me samples, I am now waiting on my first order arriving - I was so impressed with the product. I have a huge area of baldness which is actually scar tissue on the crown of my head. For the first time in 15 years I have worn my hair down and in public. Having used allsorts to try and hide my patches over the years this is the best product ever on the market for colouring your scalp and staying on, I cannot recommend it enough. Bonnie your product has literally changed my life.

Michael Rice said...

I have used Toppik, Dermmatch and several other cover up products. I find ShaBo to be the best yet and Bonnie is second to none when it comes to customer service. Sheila Jaworski your an idiot!You dont wanna give your phone # than dont! Trust me your not that important anyways! Bonnie is one of the nicest people around and goes OUT of her way to provide outstanding customer service. I will continue to promote ShaBo and Bonnie to all my friends and on blogs such as this one.tsryno